Equipment prep – season ready?

The races and events for the next season are locked. Former injuries are more or less under control. The training is also going as planned. As gyms and trail centres are closed, the home gym was creatively equipped and little urban loops around our home base are good enough for now. But what about the equipment? There are lots of delivery shortages on bikes, bike parts and clothing. Fortunately, I’ve got all I need at home.

As there were no races and only a few bike trips last year, things are not as run down as usual. I have a functioning bike with new flat pedals (that were ordered a long time ago). My Liv Hail is shiny as ever and beaming in green, blue and violet – or rather Chameleon Galaxy. She is such a beauty.

liv hail advanced mountain bike rear macro photography

I bought enough spare parts and break pads during the last seasons which will easily get us through the next months. And as it turns out my clothing is also quite durable and I can wear everything for another season or two. Obviously, this year’s season equipment prep will be the shortest ever. And the best thing – it’s more sustainable as well!

My favourite bike clothes are still in good shape and ready for the new season.



  • Liv Sumi 3/4 (2019) (L / Farbe: Teal) 💚💙
  • Liv Energize Kurzarm (L / Farbe: Blau/Teal)
  • Liv Energize 3/4 (L / Farbe: Black/Pink)




  • Passion Langfinger (L)
  • Passion Kurzfinger (L)
  • Liv Hearty Long Finger Winter Glove (L)


  • Liv Sweet Socken (38-41)
  • Evoc Stripes Long (41 / blue & green)
  • Sram Stripes Long (41 / red & pink)


liv hail advanced mountain bike leaning on fence

I am looking forward to open trails in a month and maybe even some group rides with our bike buddies (if the situation allows).

We miss you! See you on the trails! 💚💙💜

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