ASP World Champion Kelly Slater at Billabong Pro 2008, Mundaka/Sopelana

SPOT ON: Sopelana & Mundaka (Spain)

The Basque Country is a nice choice for surfing. The conditions are usually quite good between Mai and October and you will find lots of decent surf spots along the coast from Bilbao to San Sebastian. We set up our base in Sopelana and spent two days in Mundaka.

Surf Spots in Basque Country, Spain

Surf Spots in Basque Country, Spain

Not only did we catch some waves ourselves – we also got to see the pros doing their magic. On September 29th, pro surfers from all over the world came together to compete in the Billabong Pro. Most of the time, the event is taking place in Mundaka, which is well known for its left tube – but since the conditions were not perfect during the two weeks of competition, some heats were held at our doorsteps in Sopelana.

Billabong Pro Mundaka/Sopelana 2008 collage

Billabong Pro Mundaka/Sopelana 2008
ASP World Champion Kelly Slater

In Mundaka, the famous wave directly breaks in front of the harbour. Therefore, it can get quite crowded (especially close to the river mouth and church) once the event is about to start or already underway.

Together with Peniche in Portugal and Hossegor in France, Mundaka* is one of the few european stops during the ASP World Championship Tour.

Billabong Pro Mundaka 2008 Poster

Sopelana is located further to the west (towards Bilbao) and is popular amongst surfers of all levels (beach break, left and right).

Billabong Pro Sopelana 2008 collage

Billabong Pro Mundaka/Sopelana 2008
Taj Burrow

If you need some surf guiding, get in contact with one of the local surf schools e.g. Wellentime which also provides courses and surf boards rentals.

Even though it is not as touristy as other areas in Spain, there are still a couple of hostels, camping sites and small hotels along the coast.

stormy day at bakio basque country

Stormy day at Bakio (Basque Country)

*since 2010, Mundaka is no longer part of the ASP World Championship Tour

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