ISPO Munich 2015, Black Crows booth

RECAP: ISPO 2015 (Munich, Germany)

Last weekend it was time again for one of the world´s leading trade shows for sports goods – the ISPO in Munich. We were looking forward to new products that would be presented and opportunities of testing them out. Expectations were high and we were wondering about what kind of product we would get super exited.

PICTURE and Chiemsee booth at ISPO 2015 Munich, Germany

There was a lot of fuss about all kinds of wearables (seems like everyone is now producing one of its own…Fitbit, Withings and Jawbone got some competition here). But the one that really stuck with us was a really simple solution oriented outdoor product, that also goes along with our undertaking to travel light – “the world’s first pocket-size washing machine”. Especially on our surf trips to Bali, Spain and Portugal we were always super happy to have a sink or anything alike to wash our saltwater drenched stuff. But in more remote areas it is always a bit more of a hassle to keep your limited clothing clean. So this is definitely something to consider before going on the next trip.

collage showing different pictures of the Scrubba Bag

The “Scrubba” looks like a regular dry bag that you would usually take on a kayaking trip. But this one has some little knobs on the inside (like a flexible internal washboard). You fill it with dirty clothes, water and some biodegradable detergent (or soap), close it, squeeze out the air through a little valve, rub clothes against the washboard for about 3 minutes, rinse and you’re done.

Other than that, it was nice to being back in Munich.

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