getting fit and gain strenght with kettlebell, weights and HITT training

SHAPE UP: Trails and Bike Parks ahead!

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy…yeah – we are getting ready for our summer adventures. This year we will check out the trails in South Tyrol/Italy…Vinschgau to be precise and will do some serious bike park tests. But in order to do so, there is still a lot of work in front of us. Since we are expecting some really bad ass trails and diverse conditions we need to get in shape, muscle up and work on our endurance. This means that we will go on a ride with our bikes whenever possible and will try to make some time for our core training.

HIIT training in the park running trails to shape up

This will consist of outdoor sessions to strengthen our core, train our balance and coordination and sprinkle our training with a little cardio in between. Our favorites are body weight workouts with planks, squats, push ups, sit ups, lunges and (yes, it has to be that way!) burpees. The fun part comes in form of battle rope, slack line and kettlebell. Keep up and stay tuned!

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