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SPOT ON: Canggu (Bali, Indonesia)

After spending 2 weeks in Bali (beginning of November), I have to admit that I instantly fell in love with the island. This should not come as a surprise – lovely people and a beautiful scenery are creating a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. I came to Bali for surfing, enjoying nature and getting to know the culture. During my stay, there were a couple of hindu festivities where the streets were being decorated artfully with bamboo poles and people got dressed in festive, traditional clothing.

Surf spots on Bali


Canggu home spot. Reef and temple on the left, shore break in the middle (be careful!) and reef to the right as well as further out (especially at low tide). Beginner waves close to the beach. Intermediate waves break further out. Mid tide recommended.

Tanah Lot

Tourist attraction (especially in the afternoon and before sunset). Two spots on the right hand side of the temple with lots of rocks. Nice scenery and usually a continuous left.


We have been here in low season, so there were only a couple of tourists (which obviously were not aware of the concept of shorebreak and got badly washed). Mostly sandy with some rocks.





Ulu Watu

This one is for experienced surfers only, with different spots and conditions along the coast line. Lots of sharp rocks and reefs. Crowded throughout the day, extremely beautiful at sunset (join the Kecak Fire Dance). The access through the cave can be difficult.

Padang Padang

Also known as the Bali Pipline. Beautiful but quite dangerous and hollow. Make sure you know the conditions. If you miss the right moment at low tide, the way back over the reef can be kind of tricky and painful. Experienced Surfers only.

bali decoration

festive Bali, Indonesia 2013

The Chillhouse – Bali’s surf & bike retreat

If you want to spent a relaxing surf holiday on Bali, the accommodation is quite important. I have seen a couple of other places (from villas to hostels) but have to say that I never had as much fun and carefree time as at The Chillhouse. It can be genuinely described as a tropical lifestyle retreat where you can surf, bike, practice yoga, get massages and simply feel good. I was already impressed by the concept before I actually got there. I like the open minded and sustainable way of thinking. You get a Chillhouse bottle right at the beginning so that you drink enough water and also use it to refill (from the watercooler) and not producing waste by buying small plastic bottles. Bali (and a lot of other paradises in the indian ocean) have a huge plastic problem. The Chillhouse crew is trying to raise awareness on those environmental issues and are supporting different campaigns to get more people to rethink, reuse and recycle. Inhouse, they even provide eco friendly toiletries and products like biodegradable soap, shampoo, shower gel and insect repellent. I left The Chillhouse with a super positive feeling and an overwhelming desire to come back.

To be honest, the flights and “my” room are already booked…






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