SPOT ON: Madiha (Sri Lanka)

Last year (around this time) I packed my bags to set out on a trip to Sri Lanka. I was longing for some sun, dreamed of lush rainforests and was looking forward to catch some waves. The destination had been on my bucket list for quite some time and thus, also made it onto last year’s surf calendar.


traffic in sri lanka


Sri Lanka has much to offer

I was curious about the culture and the dazzling nature, I had heard about. With fond memories of my trips to Bali in 2013 and 2014, I was excited to experience another Asian surf (hot) spot. After our arrival at the airport, we drove right to the south (to Madiha, Matara). On the way, we already got a good view on all different kind of temples, water buffalos and lots of peacocks. Simply beautiful.


boats on weligama bay


The Drivethru Surfcamp Sri Lanka

I stayed at the Drivethru Surfcamp. The camp is surrounded by rain forest with birds, monkeys and even some flying foxes. There is a chill-area (with wifi) next to the pool, where you can relax between your surf sessions. The surf spot for advanced surfers (reef) is just a three minutes walk away from the villa. If you are staying at the beach house, it is right at your doorstep. You can reach all other surf spots within 10 to 45 minutes with the tuk tuk surf shuttles.


drivethru surf camp madiha sri lanka


Surf Spots in the South


This long beach break is the go-to spot for all levels. Along the bay you usually find yourself some waves. When the surf is small, you can watch quite a number of long boarders doing their art, playing with the waves. Be aware though, SUPs can appear in the lineup out of nowhere.

Green Rooms

This spot is actually a part of the Weligama Bay. It got its name from the surf lodge that is situated right at the beach. If you are thirsty or hungry, you will also find something for your tummy there.

Black Sands

This seemed to be a rather ‘secret’ spot further in the south (near Matara). We made the experience, that it is kind of ‘guarded’ by locals. So it might be a good idea not to swamp the beach with a big group. Other than that, this is one of the nicest beaches I have seen in Sri Lanka and I had one of the best surf sessions there.


morning stretch on the beach before surfing


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