SPOT ON: Women’s Bike Camp Reschensee

The idyllic mountain region around Reschen and Nauders is known for its breathtaking panoramas and challenging trails. Therefore, it became the venue for a very special event last month: the Women’s Bike Camp. As part of the Sportingwomen event series, the Women’s Bike Camp brought together 55 courageous and adventurous women from different walks of life. All with a shared passion: mountain biking.

Women's Bike Camp Planning Session
Pic by Alex Chapignac

Skill Level: From beginners to experts

The participants, ranging from beginners to experienced riders, had the opportunity to improve and enhance their mountain bike skills in groups with different levels. The daily program was tailored to accommodate the various levels of experience and abilities.

Women's Bike Camp Drop Battery

The region’s trails, known for their ruggedness and versatility, provided an ideal playground for the motivated female riders. With breathtaking mountain panoramas, challenging rocky sections, and flowy single trails, the participants had the opportunity to practise their skills and acquire new ones. And the beautiful nature provided the perfect setting for a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Event Area

The central meeting point of the camp was the Event Area at Lake Reschen. There, they had the opportunity to try out the latest Liv Cycling mountain bikes, as well as IXS protectors, helmets from Alpina and much more. Equipped with top-class gear for testing, the participants were ready.

But it wasn’t just about exploring trails, testing bikes, and improving riding techniques. There was also lots of laughter and celebration. It was a vibrant and pulsating atmosphere defined by the shared spirit.

Women's Bike Camp Event Area

The Women’s Bike Camp and a Shared Passion

What made the Women’s Bike Camp special was not just the scenic beauty or excellent equipment. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants played a vital part. Women who pushed their limits, supported each other, and immersed themselves in their passion for mountain biking. The competitive spirit and shared joy were palpable in every moment.

Women's Bike Camp High Fives

The Women’s Bike Camps are more than just an event. Above all, they are an opportunity to face personal challenges and return to everyday life stronger and more confident. It’s all about female power and empowerment!

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