Enduro One Series – let’s grow the Women’s Class!

Have you ever thought about taking part in a race? No? Why not? If I ask other fellow female mountain biker, I often get a response like “Ah, no – I am not the competitive type” or “Nah, I leave that to the pros”. I also heard something like “Are you kidding? I am way to old for this”. If this would be an age thing, why are there “Senior” and “Super Senior” classes in the Enduro One races? The men don’t care – they are more like “Cool, then I have chances to get on the podium”. Sooo…

Where are my girls at?

I understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But – I know a lot of passionate female mountain biker, that would do fine in most of the races and are also quite competitive on the trail. Why can they still not be convinced to join? The races are a lot of fun and there is a cool and laid back vibe. Thus, it would be awesome if more women and girls would join us in the women’s class. I believe numbers are already crowing but it would be cool to have at least 10% of all participants in our class. I think that should be possible, or what do you think? You can sign up for our mailing list and I will remind you when the next years series is about to open for registration. Shall we?

Why am I participating?

I take part because I like the challenge and enjoy meeting a lot of nice like-minded people. Of course, it all needs some preparation. In general, it is a good idea to prep with a thorough training plan – if you are interested in more details, lemme know! Also, when it comes to equipment, it might need some ‘trial and error’ to get it right and be prepared for the weekend and race day. But after a while you know the drill. If you have a lot going on over the summer, it can be a challenge to make time for all the events and getting there – but it’s manageable, believe me. I simply see it as another little microadventure, exploring some of the bike destinations in Germany, having lots of fun on the trails and getting better with each experience.

So Ladies – are you joining the Enduro One Series next season?

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