Flipping the Script – A Sideline EWS Adventure

So, life’s thrown a curveball and I’ve been benched, nursing an injury. Not ideal, right? But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom! There was this highly anticipated Women’s Camp where I was supposed to co-guide, and the adrenaline-pumped Enduro race in Wildschönau. Yet, when your bones demand a timeout, you’ve got to respect that. It’s summer though, and I’m not one to waste these glorious days, even if I can’t hit the bike trail every spare minute. So what has a girl to do when mountain biking, swimming, writing, or drawing are off the menu? You guessed it, embrace the thrill of everything else that’s up for grabs! EWS ftw…

Lucky for me, there were numerous events coming up where you could have a blast without even breaking a sweat. And let’s be real, swapping your lens can be quite a kick. So, I gave the cold shoulder to my physical constraints, wrestled with my pesky cast, and dived right in.

EWS Petzen/Jamnica

Forget the Women’s Camp in Serfaus Fiss Ladis, I’m headed for a detour to Carinthia at the Slovenian border. Destination? The fourth pitstop of the Enduro World Series around Petzen and the Jamnica region. Score! Finally, an EWS gig in Austria and almost on my doorstep, too. No way I’m missing out on that, especially since plan A was a no-go. Watching the girls and guys crush those tricky and versatile trails was a sight for sore eyes. So, it was totally worth it right from the get-go. Plus, getting a taste of ‘Van (or rather Car) Life’ was a sweet bonus.

The Storm Before the Calm

Friday evening, and the overly snug rental was swiftly morphed into a makeshift bed. Just in time, I snagged a parking spot offering a killer view of the mountain panorama. Kicking back with the tailgate swung open and my favourite snacks within arm’s reach, the sunset put on a show – all for free. Talking about setting the mood. I live for these moments.

Hopping from Stage to Stage

After sharing some laughs with the neigbours in the VW bus parked next door, it was game time. Riders shot off from the starting point right across our parking spot, blazing through the 50 km course. With Slovenia in our sights, it was time to grab a quick cup of coffee double-check the essentials and hit the road. With riders zipping from stage to stage, it was like chasing a tornado. Those cars and team buses, flaunting mountain bike manufacturer stickers, were hard to miss amid the orderly chaos – a godsend for navigation. All said and done, it’s all about being there when your favourite riders roar off into the stages and avoiding getting lost in the wild.

Sideline EWS Spectator

Map in one hand and the Trailforks app in the other, navigation was a cinch. Parking sorted, it was time to criss-cross through the wilderness, exploring the stage. With a quick once-over of the track and the best vantage point scoped out, we braced for action. We clambered and perched ourselves in spots that seemed iffy but offered a killer view, ready to catch the best light for some shots. Sometimes, all it takes is a little shift in perspective to make those gnarly ground conditions pop in your shots. Then, it was showtime. The riders were a blur, streaking past as we hollered out our loudest cheers. The moment the last of the pack zoomed past, we were on the move again.

Embracing the Adventure

Variety is the spice of life, and this weekend was a gourmet feast. That fresh perspective? Just the cherry on top. I’d been running on fumes, caught up in the whirlwind of the season, barely pausing to recharge. But this cocktail of an adrenaline-filled event, rejuvenation, and some great conversation was an absolute blast. Finding a balance was my goal for the month, and although things didn’t quite go as planned, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes, straying off the beaten path opens up experiences you’d have otherwise missed. So here’s to flipping the script and changing perspectives, more often!

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