view into the Alto Adige valley from Zugtrail, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

SPOT ON: Vinschgau (South Tyrol, Italy)

Alto Adige, my love. I have to say this is incredible. We expected it to be awesome but this region is a real gem. Trails everywhere, fantastic landscape, lovely people and super delicious food. We love the mountains, we love the alps but this combined with italian cuisine is unparalleled. And some really impressive Trails…

riding down sunny benny trail, Vinschgau, Italy

Sunny Benny Trail – Vinschgau, Italy 2015

Sunny Benny

The Sunny Benny Trail at Latscher Sonnenberg is our absolute favorite to start the day. It’s quite diverse and flowy, but definitely has some challenging cruxes. If you are a first timer, a little pre-testing in a slightly slower pace might help in order to avoid unwanted surprises.

lovely rock on Sunny Benny Trail at Vinschgau, Italy

Lovely rock, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

Propain Trial

This newcomer of the Vinschgau Trails was build in spring of this year. It warms our freeriding hearts and provides some technical turns for you to conquer.

Holy Hansen

The famous Holy Hansen Trail (Holy Hansen 2.0) was just recently renewed so that you can enjoy your smooth ride on 9 kilometers of S0 and S1 trails back to the valley.

just finished Holy Hansen Trail, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

just finished Holy Hansen Trail, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

Goldsee Trail

This special treat can only be acccessed from high above. It might be a good idea to take a shuttle up to Stilfserjoch. At most times you will need to heave and carry your bike on your shoulders for approx. 800m in order to get to the starting point. But it is absolutely worth it. From there, you will be able to ride down on small alpine trails over sand, small rocks and probably some snow to Stilfser Alm. This tiny jewel is also a freeriders dream come true when it comes to italian food. Fill up with pasta, relax at the patio and regain some strength for the last part of the journey. The trails that are waiting for you on the way down are quite challenging due to the terrain and their length. This tour is best if you have lots of time and start early in the morning.

view from Stilfserjoch while traversing to Goldsee Trail, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

traversing to Goldsee Trail, Stilfserjoch, Vinschgau, Italy 2015

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