jumping over small kicker at Bikepark Semmering, Austria

SPOT ON: Bikepark Semmering (Austria)

Bike, Fullfacer, Knee-, Ellbow- and Back Protection, Goggles, Gloves. What else do we need for the bikepark? 30 Degrees Celsius and I can not yet decide if I should add a long sleeve to the equipment I am taking with me on our ride to the Styrian Border. Well, my conscience got the better and I pack the colorful Downhill Shirt and swing of to the train that will take me to the south. It’s Sunday 6am, the air is still cool and the streets are almost empty. I see some nightowls passing with the alcoholic remainings of a night out. I have to grin and am happy for the decision to get up early for some downright action.

The wall at Bikepark Semmering, Austria
the wall – photos by eva ruemmele

After the arrival at the Bikepark we exchange some words with our trainer about the conditions on the trails and slopes. Being here with experienced people leaves us feeling comfortable and prepped. And then all the fun begins. Rushing down over rocks, roots, turns, kicker and drops…

small drop at Bikepark Semmering, Austria
small drop – photos by eva ruemmele

It was a fun day and – for sure – will soon be repeated!

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